About Me!

First off my nickname T-bone without the steak. T-bone without the steak, just the bone part. I’m the leftovers, the steak is everything I don’t have like money, love, stuff -_-  but I’m out to get it. My name is my goal.  I’m young a Haitian American filmmaker trying to make it into the film industry. I strive out of Fort Lauderdale, my home town.  I have this dream to become an actor. So I pursue it by editing videos and posting them on YouTube. I’m picking up these skills along the way. I can write, edit, direct, record, act. This journey has been tough and also rewarding. I do not own any equiptment I use I borrow them. This year April 26th, I did a video and presented it at the ArtsEd Forever event at the Broward Center of Performing Arts . I’m currently at Theater camp.

t-bone without the steak